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For our team of professionals
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Love yourself and your body

Umbilical hernia repair surgery

Umbilical hernia is a defect of the umbilical ring allowing the peritoneum and abdominal organs to enter the subcutaneous space. Umbilical hernia is characterised by painless, oval or round-shaped bulge of umbilicus, especially distinct while standing. The content easily returns back into the abdominal cavity after pushing the bulge. 


Extirpation of haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids, also called piles are a widening and proliferation of the vascular structures in the anal canal, manifesting by painful and rectal bleeding when defecating. Risk factors of haemorrhoids can be chronic constipations, diarrhoea, long time sitting at work and low physical activity. 


Femoral hernia surgery

Femoral hernia is a condition, when organs of the abdominal cavity pass through the femoral canal into subcutaneous thigh area. When hernia occurs, a mild pain can be felt and easily palpable bulge can be palpated in the thigh area, which can be pushed inside. If professional assistance is delayed, the hernia can become incarcerated – it is not possible to return the content of the bulge back to the abdominal space by pushing, a severe pain occur, which may result in complications. 


Intense-moisturising facial skin treatment

Water is an element that not only conditions our general well-being, but also affects our appearance. As soon as the organism feels moisture deprivation, we star noticing the changes on our skin – scaling, flaking, grey colour of skin, dry areas on the skin, itching. All these symptoms lead to early ageing and formation of favourable medium for skin problems. 


Brightening facial skin procedure with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an element playing one of the most important roles in organism’s defensive system as a result of which the protective layer of organism (skin) can successfully fight the harmful environmental factors: antioxidants, UV radiation effect. 


Lifting facial skin procedure

The time passing by, fast lifestyle, bad habits and environmental factors leave inevitable marks on our skin – we notice the loss of elasticity and firmness on our skin, it becomes looser, the wrinkles start to form and become deeper and deeper. Even though we cannot stop the time, however, we can stop the ageing processes by professional cosmetic and dermatologic facial skin procedures that supplement the reserves of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid responsible for the beauty and health of our skin and allow us to enjoy a more bright, elastic and smooth skin for a longer period of time. 


Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections is a modern non-surgical treatment intended to improve the complexion condition, slow down aging processes, smooth out wrinkles and provide the necessary moisture. The skin becomes smoother, brighter and firmer after the first procedure and the result remains up to 9 months. 


Botulinum toxin injections – wrinkle correction

The face is a map of our emotions and feelings, where joy, sadness, surprise and anger remain their traces – mimic wrinkles over time. Initially barely visible wrinkles become deeper and brighter over time, new ones appear. Signs of aging begin to appear around thirty years old, when collagen and elastin synthesis and cell division processes are slowed down, resulting in aging of skin, loss of elasticity, moisture and other important trace elements. 


Excessive sweating treatment with botulinum

Sweating is a natural reaction of the body to intense physical effort, fever during illness and other factors that force the heart to beat faster: stress, anger, fear. In order to protect itself from overheating, the body stimulates the production of sweat, thereby eliminating excess heat through million sweat glands covering the entire body. 


Breast augmentation

Breast implants are of different volume and weight, can be circular or drop-shaped (“anatomical”) and are adapted to each individually – depending on a woman’s expectations, wishes, skin elasticity and other surgical capabilities. Circular implants are perfect for patients with firm, non-sagging, circular breasts who desire a simple enlargement, the fuller and more prominent upper part of the breast. 


Mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgeries usually consisting of abdominal plastic surgery and breast lift and augmentation with implants, often combined with fat sucking. All body corrections are done together during one anesthesia in such manner saving time and money, and avoiding repeated anesthesia and second postsurgical recovery period. 



Liposuction or fat transferring is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. It is important to understand that liposuction is performed not to reduce weight, but to enhance the body lines. For most people, fat accumulates in problem areas: on the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, cheeks or lower part of the chin, from which local fatty deposits are hardly removable even by people doing sports.  


Improve your intimate life

The time passing by, one or several vaginal deliveries are the factors that affect the general condition of vagina (shape, firmness, and lubrication). It is not uncommon for women to feel their vagina becomes more loose and drier with reduced lubrication during intercourse, which leads to less or no satisfaction during intercourse. 


Treatment for urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects every third woman. Very often, after child delivery, muscles lose their elasticity, collapse or even hang down thus resulting in the altered angle between the urethra channels and the bladder, which disturbs the functional mechanism. It is not only a disorder but also a psychological, social, and physical discomfort that can affect both physical and psychological health, social and sexual life. Unconscious incontinence occurs while coughing, sneezing, running, jumping, engaging in sports activity, while lifting weights, laughing, and during sexual intercourse. 


Laser vaginal tightening

Laser vaginal tightening is a treatment intended for women who experienced loss of vaginal tissue elasticity and tone as a result of child delivery, traumas or congenital pathologies that led to urinary incontinence and loss of sexual contentment. 


Professional oral hygiene

To maintain healthy oral cavity, prevent diseases caused by plaque, and have strong teeth arranged in a beautiful smile, brushing teeth twice a day and flossing are not enough. 


Tooth extraction

In certain cases, tooth extraction is unavoidable procedure to prevent possible complication or to avoid damage to the condition of oral cavity, teeth, or jawbone. 


Dental implants

When one or more teeth are lost, people tend to hide their smile and constantly think of their absent teeth while talking to other people. Moreover, oral surgeons warn that beside aesthetics, tooth loss can cause serious health issues: failure to timely replace lost teeth result in misaligned bite, and dental bone loss in the place of the extracted tooth. Progressing bite pathology can lead to temporomandibular joint problems, pain, and digestive disorders, therefore, even one lost tooth can cause serious trouble. 


Removal of adenoids

Adenoids, popularly known as nasal polyps, are a mass of lymphoid tissue in the throat at the back of the nose. For patients who often contract upper respiratory tract infections or suffer from allergies, adenoids can get enlarged causing various health issues and discomfort in everyday life. 


Septal reconstruction

Septal reconstruction (septoplasty) is a type of surgery to eliminate respiratory function disorders. A deviated nasal septum can be congenital or acquired as a result of injury to the nose, or due to nasal valve pathology or nasal turbinate hypertrophy. A deviated nasal septum may cause various health disorders, such as snoring, chronic rhinorrhea, obstructed breathing. It may also affect cardiac and digestive systems. Reconstruction of the nasal septum not only facilitates breathing, but also prevents serious medical conditions. 


Tonsil removal

Tonsil removal (tonsillectomy) is a surgery to remove the part of palatine tonsils which obstruct nose breathing, cause snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea or lead to chronic tonsillitis (chronic focus of infection in tonsillar niches with exacerbations of the disease 3-4 times per year). 


Pilonidal cyst excision

Pilonidal cyst is a swelling that starts under the skin on the sacrum near the tailbone resulting in fistula formation. Although the exact causes of cyst formation has not yet been accurately determined, it is believed that this is due to an infection caused by hair follicle inflammation – folliculitis that progresses over time leading to a larger subcutaneous abscess. 


Hydrocele surgery

Hydrocele is an accumulation of tissue fluid in the scrotum, between the testicular membranes, leading to the scrotum enlargement and discomfort. Hydrocele is commonly diagnosed in the new-born babies, however in children before they reach the age of one year, it usually resolves by itself, spontaneously. The cause of hydroceles in adults may be related to trauma, inflammation and infections. 


fi clinica

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Let our professionals to take care of your health, well-being and beauty – experts in aesthetics, who in the result of their many years of experience have accumulated invaluable knowledge, will help you to strengthen your self-confidence, enhance your individual beauty and find your way to inner peace and happiness.

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