The concept of beauty is a concept that has existed since the advent of mankind, inspiring passions and pleasing the eyes and heart. Although we all perceive beauty differently, there is a very attractive proportion in the universe for the human eye, the number fi (Gr. ɸ), also known as the gold cut, harmonic ratio, or divine proportion, which approximately is equal to 1.618, and the objects corresponding to it are distinguished by their exceptional balance, aesthetics and harmony and lead to an inexplicable improvement and admiration for them. In the ancient times, artists used this magical proportion in architecture, sculpture, music, and later, scientists discovered it in nature, the universe, and the structure of the human body.

Today, we use fi in our clinic’s name and its activities as the standard for beauty and balance and the pursuit of proportion and harmony.

Unique stories are born in our clinic, combining Hippocratic physician vision with each patient’s individual aspirations.

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