Heavy Sweating – How to Fight?


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Sweating is no stranger to any of us – we sweat not only during intense physical activity, but also in response to a variety of stimuli that fill our body with adrenaline and excite emotions: anger, fear, awe, excitement, joy. For many, sweating can be dealt with without much effort, using cosmetics and proper personal hygiene, but unfortunately for some people this is a real challenge that cannot be overcome. 

Hair loss – a sign of serious illness?


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Hair loss – process, that does not surprise us and which we all face – with this natural action, the hair is regenerated, so it is perfectly normal to lose 40 to 150 hairs a day. Sometimes we find that we lose a lot more hair – in these cases we tend to blame it on vitamin deficiencies or seasonal changes – but don’t realize that increased hair loss can signal serious illnesses that can result in weak, dehydrated, fractured, shaggy hair or even with a balding scalp, which will have to be treated from few to several months. 

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