Intense-moisturising facial skin treatment

Water is an element that not only conditions our general well-being, but also affects our appearance. As soon as the organism feels moisture deprivation, we star noticing the changes on our skin – scaling, flaking, grey colour of skin, dry areas on the skin, itching. All these symptoms lead to early ageing and formation of favourable medium for skin problems. 


Brightening facial skin procedure with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an element playing one of the most important roles in organism’s defensive system as a result of which the protective layer of organism (skin) can successfully fight the harmful environmental factors: antioxidants, UV radiation effect. 


Lifting facial skin procedure

The time passing by, fast lifestyle, bad habits and environmental factors leave inevitable marks on our skin – we notice the loss of elasticity and firmness on our skin, it becomes looser, the wrinkles start to form and become deeper and deeper. Even though we cannot stop the time, however, we can stop the ageing processes by professional cosmetic and dermatologic facial skin procedures that supplement the reserves of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid responsible for the beauty and health of our skin and allow us to enjoy a more bright, elastic and smooth skin for a longer period of time. 


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