Brightening facial skin procedure with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an element playing one of the most important roles in organism’s defensive system as a result of which the protective layer of organism (skin) can successfully fight the harmful environmental factors: antioxidants, UV radiation effect.

In order to ensure successful protective activity, the skin cells require nutrients the carriage whereof involves vitamin C. In case the organism senses deficiency of this vitamin, we can notice the changes on our skin immediately – the skin losses elasticity and natural shining, becomes flabby.

Brightening facial skin procedure with vitamin C is a procedure using special products enriched with vitamin C that provide the skin with this vital vitamin. Vitamin C enhances the activity of collagen and elastin that are responsible for skin elasticity, firmness and keeping of moisture, enhances the capillary walls and protective skin functions against free radicals, biological and photoageing, making the skin more firm, gentle, providing it with the feeling of natural shining, brightness and freshness. The result is visible right after the first procedure.

The procedure starts with application of cleansing milk and lotion for removal of make-up, accumulated dirt and excess oil. A special fluid is applied on clean skin to enhance the penetration of active substances into the skin – the product is gently massaged into the skin and washed with water of room temperature. Skin brightening starts with massing of vitamin C into the skin and then – application of a special mask with vitamin C. The mask is kept on the face for some period of time set by the cosmetologist and then gently removed. At the end of procedure, the vitamin C serum is massaged into the skin as well as moisturising cream, and a 20-minute classical facial massage is performed.

To enhance the post-procedure effect, your cosmetologist can recommend special home skin care products.

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