Intense-moisturising facial skin treatment

Water is an element that not only conditions our general well-being, but also affects our appearance. As soon as the organism feels moisture deprivation, we star noticing the changes on our skin – scaling, flaking, grey colour of skin, dry areas on the skin, itching. All these symptoms lead to early ageing and formation of favourable medium for skin problems.

It is not true that moisturisation of skin is relevant during the warm season of the year only – skin moisturising is a crucial process all year long. Our skin suffers stress during all seasons of the year – in summer, it is affected by hot sunrays, dust, increased sweating, whereas in winter and autumn it suffers from dry air circulating in closed premises, rapid temperature changes, when leaving poorly ventilated warm rooms and stepping into freeze and cold wind. The consequence of all this is a tired, irritated skin that is not resistant to inflammations and causes not only the problems of aesthetic appearance, but also early ageing (deepening of wrinkles, formation of new wrinkles, decrease of elasticity and firmness).

In order to take care of your skin, to revitalise it and to provide with vital moisture, we recommend regular professional cosmetic and dermatological facial skin treatment procedures that will restore the necessary hydration, brightness, elasticity to your skin and will prevent from early ageing.

Intense-moisturising facial skin treatment procedure restores the water balance and damaged hydrolipidic film of your skin, fills water reserves of the skin and reduces the surface wrinkles resulting from dehydration.

The procedure starts with removal of make-up, accumulated dirt and excess oil. A special fluid is applied on clean skin to enhance the penetration of active substances into the skin – the product is gently massaged into the skin. Skin moisturising starts with massaging of hyaluronic acid serum into the skin of your face and in the area under the eyes. In a next step, a special, deep-moisturising mask is applied on the face. At the end of this procedure, in order to provide the skin with maximum hydration, a deep-moisturising cream is massaged into the skin and a classical 20-minute facial massage is performed.

To enhance the post-procedure effect, your cosmetologist can recommend special home skin care products.

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