General and abdominal surgery

Umbilical hernia repair surgery

Umbilical hernia is a defect of the umbilical ring allowing the peritoneum and abdominal organs to enter the subcutaneous space. Umbilical hernia is characterised by painless, oval or round-shaped bulge of umbilicus, especially distinct while standing. The content easily returns back into the abdominal cavity after pushing the bulge. 


Extirpation of haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids, also called piles are a widening and proliferation of the vascular structures in the anal canal, manifesting by painful and rectal bleeding when defecating. Risk factors of haemorrhoids can be chronic constipations, diarrhoea, long time sitting at work and low physical activity. 


Femoral hernia surgery

Femoral hernia is a condition, when organs of the abdominal cavity pass through the femoral canal into subcutaneous thigh area. When hernia occurs, a mild pain can be felt and easily palpable bulge can be palpated in the thigh area, which can be pushed inside. If professional assistance is delayed, the hernia can become incarcerated – it is not possible to return the content of the bulge back to the abdominal space by pushing, a severe pain occur, which may result in complications. 


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