Improve your intimate life

The time passing by, one or several vaginal deliveries are the factors that affect the general condition of vagina (shape, firmness, and lubrication). It is not uncommon for women to feel their vagina becomes more loose and drier with reduced lubrication during intercourse, which leads to less or no satisfaction during intercourse.

Woman’s satisfaction mostly depend on vaginal contractions (frictions), which are stimulated during sexual intercourse.  In many cases after delivery, vagina does not completely recover to its original condition: vagina becomes more loose (especially, when delivering at older age, giving birth to a large baby or twins, or when perineal ruptures occur) leading to reduced stimulation of vaginal walls during sexual intercourse thus strongly affecting the quality of sexual life because of discomfort felt and reduced pleasure during sex.

This procedure brings back the quality of your intimate life quickly, safely and painlessly. It takes up to 30 minutes to complete and employs the ESPI Dynamis laser which is characterised by especially sensitive SMOOTH technology. After the procedure, vagina becomes tighter and the quality of intimate life improves with the results maintained for up to 2 years.

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