Mommy makeover

Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgeries usually consisting of abdominal plastic surgery and breast lift and augmentation with implants, often combined with fat sucking. All body corrections are done together during one anesthesia in such manner saving time and money, and avoiding repeated anesthesia and second postsurgical recovery period.

The main purpose of a combined surgery Mommy Makeover is to restore body forms had before childbirth. In most cases, after the pregnancy or major weight loss in a short period of time, excess abdominal skin frequently appear, the stretched abdominal muscles weaken the abdominal wall and cause the “prominent abdomen”, which cannot be removed by sport or diet, the breasts sag and flat. The surgery is also performed after major weight loss and accumulation of large sagged skin and changes in the body lines.

How the surgery is performed?

Mommy Makeover is a surgical intervention that lasts about 6 hours and usually consists of 2 parts.

The first part of a combined surgery is abdominal plastic surgery which purpose is to correct the distorted abdominal wall – upon taking into account the extent of the distortion, to perform plastic surgery of the entire or a part of the abdominal wall.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and, depending on the volume, takes 2-4 hours. The incision is made at the bottom of the abdomen, above the pubic hair growth line. When plastic surgery of the whole abdominal wall is performed, the incision extends from one to the other ilium. When the problem is the moved apart abdominal muscles, the excess abdominal skin does not occur and the elasticity of the skin remains, plastic surgery of a part of the abdominal wall is performed.

Abdominal plastic surgery is often combined with fat sucking in the area of the abdomen and waist. The fatty cells do not grow back in the suction areas. When a patient put on weight, the new fat would evenly accumulate throughout the body. It is recommended to suck out the subcutaneous fat only where the excess distorts the contour of the body. Number of sucked fat is not high (from a few hundred millilitres to five litres), but it is sufficient to correct the body shapes.

The second part of the combined surgery is the breast lift that is performed when the skin firmness is reduced and the breast lost the youthful shape due to a passing time, the breasts sag after a childbirth or major excess weight loss. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually lasts up to 3 hours. Breast lift is often performed with breast augmentation with implants in order to give the breast a desired shape. Taking into account the desires of a woman, the elasticity of the skin and other surgical options, the procedure of the surgery and breast implants, that can be circular or drop-shaped (“anatomical”), as well as various volumes and weights, are selected.

The procedure of the surgery is selected individually for each woman, taking into account the body parameters – the shape of the breasts, the degree of sagging and the desires of a woman. When the breasts are sagged a little, their shape can be corrected with drop-shaped (“anatomical”) implants by making the incision around the nipple areola and removing the excess skin. During the surgery the nipple is slightly dislocated, the volume of the breast is increased, and the scar remains only around the nipple.

When the degree of the breast sagging is higher, an anchor incision or inverted T-shape incision is made. This incision allows to remove the excess skin and breast glands in the lower pole of the breast. After the surgery, the scar remains around the areola, vertically down from it and in the fold under the breast. During the surgery, the nipple and areola are dislocated, lifted up and the excess skin in the lower part of the breast is removed.

Postsurgical care and healing

  • The surgery is allowed only with a proper body mass index (BMI less than 30);
  • The patients spend two days in the clinic after breast augmentation surgery;
  • The healing period depends on the complexity of the surgery and lasts about 1-3 weeks;
  • There is a probability to feel slight pain, see swelling, bruises during this period;
  • It is difficult to carry out normal day-to-day activities for a few days after the surgery, so the household work has to be committed to relatives in the postsurgical period;
  • It is forbidden to lift up weights, do intense sports and carry out active physical activity during the healing period;
  • Swelling can be visible up to six months and longer in individual cases. Lymph drainage massage course, that reduces swelling and stimulates faster healing, is recommended after the surgery.

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